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Please note that this English language version is intended to guide English speaking users through this catalogue and allow basic navigation by providing search tools in this language. The database itself and with it single coin entries, the glossary, and comments, however, remain in German. Please consider this when choosing your search terms.

Object search

The online catalogue offers various search strategies which are intended to be used by both interested members of the public and numismatic professionals.

Discover the Münzkabinett's holdings by using the following filters:


offers an overview in departmental order (Antiquity, Medieval and Modern periods, Medals) and centuries. All objects are presented in chronological sequence.

With the help of this search option you will be able to select objects by department, subsection, topic and century. You will be enabled to browse chronologically or by topic.

Search fields

allow a quick search by typing a single term to search all fields of the object's description.

Search by field allows a text search within a selected field of the object's description, also in combination ('and') with those in other fields including type of material and date.

Fields 'Country' and 'Mint' provide searching for modern states and mints now part of their territory. It is also possible to select a country, but no mint. Before selecting a mint, please first select a country.

Search by references in standard catalogues.

Key words

related to date, place, iconography and other critera (aimed especially at users without any previous specialisation in numismatics).

Several terms within geography, chronology, iconography and production of coins create a combinatory selection of hits. In addition there are also key words such as 'Masterpiece' providing an individual selection.

My Tray

In My Tray you may create your own selection of coins and medals and view selected objects or print single objects entries. Please remember that when closing your browser your selection in My Tray will be deleted.

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