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AccliPhot is a multidisciplinary network providing training for 13 early-stage researchers (ESRs) and 1 experienced researcher (ER). The offered training is at the interface of mathematics, experimental biology and computer science. AccliPhot will integrate theoretical and experimental research from academia and industry and therefore put a strong emphasis on training scientists in complementary fields. The general approach of AccliPhot is to complement advanced and specialised hands-on training provided locally in the laboratories of the partners with network-wide training activities.

Local Training AlgaeLocal training is provided by the host institutions in their respective specialised fields. All ESRs will be enrolled in a PhD programme, either at their host institution or, in the case of the industrial partners, at an academic partner institution. This will open the complete spectrum of transferrable skills training offered locally at the universities to all fellows. To ensure that experts from different disciplines provide guidance during their doctoral studies, all ESRs will be co-supervised by a PI from a partner institution. Algae Secondments Graph showing non-photochemical quenchingAll ESRs and the ER will spend 3 secondments of 2-3 months duration each in partner institutions, where every experimental ESR will spend at least one secondment in a theoretical group and vice versa and all academic ESRs will benefit from secondments to industry. Our two associated partners also host secondments, thus providing specialised knowledge complementing the expertise present in our consortium. Graph showing non-photochemical quenching

Workshops and Transferable Skills Training AlgaeThe interdisciplinary experience will be intensified in two theoretical and two experimental workshops, as well as three workshops on complementary and industry-relevant skills, in which all ESRs and the ER will participate. Apart from transmitting specialised skills, these workshops are designed to provide practical experience to work on problems in small groups of researchers with heterogeneous background. The workshops transmitting industry-relevant skills will be organised or co-organised by the industrial partner DOMMRS, ensuring that the contents are tailored to enhance the perspectives of the fellows on the non-academic job market. Algae


The Marie Curie Initial Training Network AccliPhot is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme (SP3-People) under the grant agreement number PITN-GA-2012-316427