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General information: Farin sugar is a sort of fine brown cane sugar made by adding sugar cane molasses, or dark syrup, to the boiling stage in sugar production or by coating white sugar with cane molasses. It consists mainly of sucrose (more than 90 %) and a few other sugers. Furthermore, it contains mineral nutrients, trace elements, and vitamins.

Dietetics: Brown sugar consists mainly of sucrose which causes a slower rise of the blood sugar level than -> glucose. For diabetics: if you are well adjusted, the intake of up to 30 g/day is allowed. Tip: 4 sugar cubes (each 3 g) are equivalent to one bread (carbohydrate) unit. One unit equals 10-12 g sucrose.

farin sugar Chemistry: Refinement of sugar: the yellowish raw sugar has to be cleaned of rests of sticking molasses.
Brown sugars; left: farin sugar, right: raw cane sugar 
This can be achieved with the help of an evaporator using steam or in the centrifugation step, where the crystals are separated from the liquor.
Usage: Because of the high amount of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals, raw brown sugar is liked to use in whole food diet. In form of rock candy it is often used as tea sugar.