Rodin Handbook


4.3.12 In the new Rodin Editor, how can I add an element to machine?


Please also consult Section 3.1.4. The editor is described in more detail there.

Whenever you pull up a context menu in the new editor, please pay attention to the following two issues:

  • Make sure that the cursor already is on the correct line. If you right-click and the cursor is on the wrong line or in the wrong position within the line, you will get an incorrect context menu.

  • Make sure the cursor is not in “edit” mode. This is the case when you are able to edit a textual element. If this is the case, you will also get an incorrect context menu.

The different elements of the machine, can of course, be added using the different wizards for element creation (New Variable Wizard \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/newvar_edit.png} , New Variant Wizard \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/newvariant_edit.png} , New Invariant Wizard \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/newinv_edit.png} , and New Event Wizard \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/newevt_edit.png} ) which are described in more detail in Section 3.1.6.

You can also add new elements by placing your cursor directly to the left of the small green arrow ( \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/structured_arrow.png} ) that appears next to your machine name in MACHINE section. Now right click and select the component that you want to add from the Add Child menu. You can also add an element by right clicking on the heading of the section of the element you want to add (e.g. VARIABLES) and selecting Add Child, or by placing your cursor directly to the left of the small green arrow ( \includegraphics[height=2ex]{img/icons/rodin/structured_arrow.png} ) next to the name of any of the components that already exist and selecting Add Sibling. Unfortunately, if your cursor is not directly next to the small green arrow (while the cursor is blinking, the left side of the arrow is actually touching the cursor), these methods do not actually work.