Rodin Handbook


4.1.8 My operating system is not supported! How can I install Rodin on my platform?

At the time of writing this document, prebuild versions exist for only a small number of operating systems. There are two recommended approaches for running Rodin in these situations:

Build Rodin from the sources

Users who have some experience in building Java software can simply build Rodin from source. For more information, please consult the Developer Documentation in the Rodin Wiki:

Run Rodin in a virtual environment

With a fast computer, you can also use a virtual environment (e.g. VirtualBox) and install an operating system into that environment that supports Rodin (e.g. a 32bit version of Linux).

There are other options available for more specialized scenarios (e.g. running 32bit Rodin on a 64bit Linux system). However, the two approaches described above are the most simple.