Rodin Handbook


4.3.8 How can I import a Event-B Project?

A “.zip" file corresponding to a project which has been exported elsewhere can be imported locally. In order to do this, click on File $\rangle $ Import from the menubar. In the import wizard, select General $\rangle $ Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next $>$. Then choose the Select archive file option and hit the Browse... button to find the zip file that you want to import. Now click Finish. As with exporting, this menu sequence and layout are part of Eclipse.

The importation will fail if the name of the imported project (not the name of the file) is the same as the name of an existing local project. This means that when you are exporting a project, it is a good idea to modify its name in case the person who imports the project already has a project with that same name (which could be a previous version of the exported project). Changing the name of a project is explained in the next section.