Rodin Handbook


2.6.1 Create a Context

Create a new Event-B Project File $\rangle $ New $\rangle $ Event-B Project. Give the project the name tutorial-05.

Next, create a new Event-B Component. The process for creating a context is similar to the process for creating a machine (2.4), but this time use agatha as the component name and select the Context (3.2.3) option in order to create a Context file instead of a Machine (3.2.4) file.

Click the Finish button. Rodin should start the editor with the created Context file (see Figure 2.11).

\includegraphics[width=1.0\textwidth ]{img/tutorial/tut_05_agatha2_neweditor.png}
Figure 2.11: Context file opened with Rodin Editor