Rodin Handbook


2.2.6 Eclipse

Rodin is based on the Eclipse Platform (3.1.1), a Java-based platform for building software tools. This is important for two reasons:

  • If you have already used Eclipse-based software, then you will feel immediately comfortable with how Rodin applications are handled.

  • Many extensions, or plugins, are available for Eclipse-based software. There are Rodin-specific plugins as well as plugins independent of Rodin that may be useful to you. The Rodin Wiki (1.1.2), contains a list of plugins is maintained.

The GUI of an Eclipse application consists of views, editors, toolbars, quickviews, perspectives and many more elements. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, please consult Section 3.1.1 which contains references to Eclipse tutorials.

In Section 2.3, we present the Rodin-specific GUI elements.