Rodin Handbook


2.9.2 Importing a project

Rather than creating the model step by step, we have provided the model as an archive file.


Make sure that you have no existing Project named “Celebrity”, before importing the project. If you have, then rename it by right clicking the project and selecting Rename...

Import the archive file to your Event-B Explorer. To do this, select File $\rangle $ Import $\rangle $ General $\rangle $ Existing Projects into Workspace. Then select the option to import an existing archive file. Use the browse function to find your archive file and import it. After you have selected the appropriate archive file, click on Finish.

It will take a few seconds for Rodin to extract and load all the files. Once this is done, a few problems will be displayed in the Rodin Problems view (compare with Figure 2.16).

\includegraphics[width=1.0\textwidth ]{img/tutorial/tut_08_rodin_problems.png}
Figure 2.16: Warnings in the Rodin Problems View

We will describe how the model is organized below in Section 2.9.5. But before we do so, we will fix the existing problems.