Rodin Handbook


1.4 Acknowledgements

The content of this handbook has been growing since the formation of the European Union IST Project RODIN in 2004. Giving credit to every contributor is almost impossible and attempting to do so would almost certainly omit some people, which would contradict the spirit of this work. It should be sufficient to say that we extend our gratitude to all contributors to the Rodin Wiki (1.1.2). In particular, we would like to thank Systerel1 for their significant contributions to the handbook as they have been the main driver behind the tool and its documentation.

Jean-Raymond Abrial and the team at the ETH Zurich had a key role in the development of Event-B and the Rodin project. Thank you very much!

We would also like to thank Cliff Jones, who never gave up the quest to improve the Rodin documentation, and Ken Robinson, who contributed the Event-B Cheat Sheet.

We are grateful to the editorial team that made this book possible in the first place, consisting of Daniel Plagge, Lukas Ladenberger and Joy Clark. We also thank Prof. Michael Leuschel, department head of the institute of software technology and programming languages at the University of Düsseldorf, who supported us in pursuing this project.

The icons that you find throughout this handbook were created by Pixel-Mixer2, who provides them for free. Thanks!

The cover picture was taken by Miikka Skaffari, who made it available via the Creative Commons by-nc license, depicting a sculpture by Rodin. Thanks!