Rodin Handbook


2.4.3 Camille, a text-based editor

\includegraphics{img/camille.png} Camille is a “real” text editor that provides the same feel as a typical Eclipse text editor and provides all of the functions that most text editors provide (i.e. copy, paste, undo, redo, etc.) However, please note that at this time not all Rodin plugins are compatible with Camille. For more information, please consult the extensive documentation in the Rodin Wiki (1.1.2).

Camille can be installed via its update site, which is preconfigured in Rodin. Once installed, Camille will be set as the default editor. The rodin editor or structural editor can still be used by selecting it from the context menu of a file in the project browser.

For more information, please visit

This contribution requires the Camille plugin. The content is maintained by the plugin contributors and may be out of date.