Rodin Handbook


2.11 Outlook

Congratulations – if you have made it this far, you should have a good foundation for getting some real work done with Rodin. In this section we would like to provide you with a few pointers that will help you to make your work as efficient as possible.

Use the Reference Section and FAQ

If you have a specific issue or if you quickly need to look something up, check the reference (3) and FAQ (4) of this handbook.

Online, PDF and Eclipse-Version of the Handbook

There are three versions of this handbook. You can access it directly through Rodin by using the built-in help browser (Help $\rangle $ Help Contents). The Eclipse-Version is useful because it can be used offline.

Use the Rodin Wiki

The Rodin Wiki (1.1.2) contains the latest news regarding Rodin and a wealth of information that is not in the scope of this handbook. Be sure to check out it out.

Find useful Plugins

There are many plugins available, so be sure to check them out. There is a good chance that they will make your life easier.

Subscribe to the mailing lists

The wiki lists the existing mailing lists (4.1.1) which include a list for users and for developers. We strongly recommend subscribing to the announcement list.

Rodin in Industry

If you are considering using Rodin in an industrial setting, be sure to explore the testimonies from the Deploy (1.5) project, in which industrial partners describe their experiences with Rodin.

We wish you success in your modelling projects!