EIPR 2019, 628 ff. An Australian Anomaly? Sui Generis GIs in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region
JIPITEC 2019, 187 ff. Recht der öffentlichen Werkwiedergabe im harmonisierten Urheberrecht
JIPITEC 2019, 173 ff. On Upload-Filters and other Competitive Advantages for Big Tech Companies under Article 17 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market
JIPITEC 2019, 147 ff. Fixing Copyright Reform - A Better Solution to Online Infringement
JIPLP 2019, 771 ff. The myth of the ‘small patent for the small inventor’—strategic motives to use second-tier patent systems (utility models) in selected European countries
JIPLP 2019, 749 ff. Trade marks gone nuts: trade mark monopolization of the visual outcome of a once patented method?
JIPLP 2019, 744 ff. The US Federal Circuit on the patentability of in vitro diagnostic methods—no light at the end of the tunnel
JIPLP 2019, 743 ff. Dutch Supreme Court decides on means-plus-function claims, clarity and implicit licence in printer cartridge patent case
JIPITEC 2019, 10 (2) Different ‘Rules of the Game’ – Impact of National Court Systems on Patent Litigation in the EU and the Need for New Perspectives
IIC 2019, 823 ff. The Current Dilemma and Future of Software Patenting

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