JIPLP 2019, 93 ff. Lean applications for Lean IP Management
JIPLP 2019, 112 ff. The practice of claiming injunctive relief for patent infringement in Germany
JIPLP 2019, 33 ff. Oil States v Greene´s Energy: US Supreme Court ´taps a gusher´ for patent challengers
JIPLP 2019, 25 ff. Interference proceedings and innovation goals of the CRISPR-Cas9 patent
JIPLP 2019, 12 ff. Shifting focus on hold - out in SEP licensing: perspectives from the EU, USA and India
GRUR 2019, 113 ff. Das Markenrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz (MaMoG)
GRUR Int. 2019, 113 ff. Can the shape of the Lego brick enjoy trademark protection? A comparison of the judgements of the Hungarian courts and of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the invalidity of the Lego brick trademark
EIPR 2018, 630 ff. Patent Protection and Plan Variety Rights for Plant Related Inventions in the EU and Selected Jurisdictions
EIPR 2018, 557 ff. TCL v Ericsson: US Court determines Top-Down FRAND Royality Rate for SEPs and Insists on Similar Percentage-of-Sales-Price Payments for High and Low Price Devices
AIPLA 2018, 161 ff. Do heightened quality incentives improve the quality of patentability decisions?: an analysis of trend divergences during the signatory authority review program

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