JIPLP 2019, 832 ff. Charlotte Tilbury succeeds on copyright claim against Aldi lookalike
JIPLP 2019, 830 ff. Italian court finds Ferrari GTO 250 supercar to be a copyright artwork
JIPLP 2019, 827 ff. CJEU permits sampling of phonograms under a de minimis rule and the quotation exception
GRUR-Int. 2019, 1115 ff. Trade marks gone nuts: trade mark monopolization of the visual outcome of a once patented method?
GRUR-Int. 2019, 997 ff. Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) as a measure to reduce backlog of unexamined patent applications in Brazil and the cooperation between European and Brazilian patent offices
JIPLP 2019, 850 ff. Japanese trade mark law and Benrishi: preparing for Tokyo 2020
JIPLP 2019, 842 ff. Contributory trade mark infringement liability: a comparison of US and EU law
JIPLP 2019, 887 ff. After the storm—examining the final version of Article 17 of the new Directive (EU) 2019/790
JIPLP 2019, 864 ff. How to make a video game Easter Egg: legal tips and tricks
MMR 2019, 727 ff. Entstehung eines neuen Urheberrechtswerks am Beispiel des Musiksampling

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