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This lecture was held on 27 March 2018 as part of a curated conversation in the Düsseldorf gallery Engelage & Lieder. The host was

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In this section we will publish and answer some of our reader’s questions that might be of interest to other users of our online-journal.

The aesthetic imprint of technological images

Since media are often applied in scientific and artistic processes, this essay offers an insight into joined features and hidden relationships between visual media such as

Irene Daum: Psychology and Art

Visual art has long been a topic of considerable interest in psychology, biology and related fields, with research issues addressing the perception and production of art, creativity and their applications in clinical psychology or advertising …

Alexander Becker: Art and Science

Art and science present themselves today – this ‘today’ reaches back several hundred years – as two distinct spheres which are clearly separated from one another. The expectations of society and audience, the institutions, the ways of production and presentation differ widely. Education is not only separated institutionally but also organized differently. These institutional foundations make the separation of art and science a sturdy affair.


The objective is to progressively and comprehensively gather literature that addresses the overall topic of science and art or single aspects of it. For those who know of w/k literature that so far has not been included, please contact Meral Alma and provide her with the bibliographical details.

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Connections between Science and (Visual) Arts

The main objective of Connections between science and (visual) art is to completely capture the connections between science and visual arts, distinguish them from each other and to arrange them in a neutral manner. In this context, however, the relationship between sciences and arts in general does become the object of reflection from time to time. The other forms of art are not at the centre of the investigation, but they are sometimes given a glance. …

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