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More about w/k

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The text w/k in 5 minutes is a first introduction to our programme. More about the w/k Programme provides further background information.

1. Widely accessible

w/k publishes articles on art and science that are accessible to readers with different backgrounds: we address a broad readership. That’s why we aim to communicate information in such a way which does not require any particular prior knowledge. This means the assumption that the reader is familiar with these technical terms is not made, but rather these terms are introduced in such a way to be comprehensible to anyone.

2. On „Art and Science“: The journal’s perspective

To avoid any misunderstandings, this section explains  the journal’s understanding of the relationship between art and science: They are two independent fields of study, institutionally differentiated – at least in contemporary western culture. Whether this also applies to other cultures can be examined in the section On ‚Art and Science‘.
Science and art are equally essential to society; the journal editors therefore deem them to be equally important for cultural development. Art and science both contribute various differing creative outputs for human culture.
Hierarchies based upon statements such as „science is more important than art“, and vice versa, are explicitly rejected. For w/k, this means that artists and scientists meet eye to eye. This, however, does not ignore the fact that artists and scientists possess different skills to tackle different problems.
Due to the widespread assumption that art and science are to be seen as separate, the online journal is particularly interested in precisely those who cross the boundaries between art and science through their own practice in both fields. (Of course,) a prime example of the crossing of boundaries in the realm of fine art is Leonardo da Vinci.

However, there are not only differences, but also connections to be found between art and science: This is the main point of interest for w/k. In the online journal, artistic works are systemically presented in connection with their scientific research, which benefits the advancement of knowledge.The unique w/k profile enables artists, scientists and those who share a general interest for the topic, to follow their varying interests and to make connections exceeding the boundaries of the two individual areas of study.


[This text is currently under construction]