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Cordula Hesselbarth: Scientific Illustration and Theory of Sensory Perception – Part 2

A conversation with Peter Tepe | Section: Summaries

Click here to see the article that is only available in the German w/k.

Many w/k contributions are only published in German. For our international readers we provide a brief summary in English:

In the second part of the interview, Cordula Hesselbarth discusses Scientific illustration supported by the media, the subject she teaches at university. Her aim is to convey scientific findings in a motivating and vivid way, which includes the use of digital media. The theory of sensory perception is part of her scientific research practice: within the context of exhibitions, Cordula Hesselbarth juxtaposes her artistic visual language with scientific representations, thus creating a dialogue between art and science.

Picture above the text: Cordula Hesselbarth: BioInspiration (2015) Ausstellungsansicht. Photo: Hermann Dornhege.

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