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In w/k extras, the editors of Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst (w/k) (Between Science and Art) draw their readers’ attention to contributions and people that they consider particularly important. For that purpose, certain articles are emphasized here. Naturally, this does not mean that the other posts are considered unimportant. It just invites the users to read the highlighted articles first. The extras currently displayed in this category refer to the first issue of w/k and will later be updated.   

Welcome to w/k

Here you can find some basic information about w/k, which you should read when visiting the website for the first time, before moving on to the single articles. In a few lines, you will find useful information about the goals and the structure of the online journal.

Karl Otto Götz as a Scientist

The editors of w/k happily succeeded in convincing Karl Otto Götz, main representative of Art Informel and now aged 102, and his wife Rissa to give them an interview. In this interview, they talk about their long-standing scientific activity. They used to work as empirical psychologists, aiming at building up an exact aesthetics. Götz and Rissa are famous examples of border-crossers between science and art, that is individuals working in both fields.

Science-related Art: Mischa Kuball

Internationally renowned light and media artist Mischa Kuball belongs to the group of those artists who use in their work scientific theories, methods and findings – that is to the group of science-related artists. In the interview, he details the connections between his artworks and science.

By the way, Mischa Kuball was the first artist to support w/k throughout its very first phase of conceptualisation in the year 2014. Ever since, he has helped to establish several important contacts.

Detlev van Ravenswaay: Space Art

Detlev van Ravenswaay is one of the leading representatives of Space Art or Astronomical Art. In this interview, which also presents some of his artworks, he gives an introduction to the science- and technology-related art movement and explains the backgrounds of his own artistic work.

Our Program

For the first issue, we have not exploited all the possibilities w/k offers yet. Whoever wants to find out more about what can be done and achieved in an online journal should read Our Program. Providing closer information on the goals and structures of the journal, it also tells you more about the options that might be particularly interesting for artists and scientists.

People behind w/k

Here you can find information on the editors, the contributors, the cooperation partners and sponsors of w/k. You should definitely leaf through this category during your first visits as you will learn more about the thematic and conceptual range of the online journal.

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