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Our Program


The online journal Between Science and Art (w/k) addresses a wide audience that is interested in the interfaces between science and visual arts – although not solely, it naturally also addresses those artists, scientists and curators who are dealing with this topic in a professional context. Two fixed rounds of publication are scheduled each year, one for 15 June and the other one for 15 December. Depending on the scope of submitted contribution, one to two extra rounds can be added annually.

w/k adopts an international outlook: it has a German and an English section. All contributions written in German are translated into English. Since we can presume that our users have a basic command of English we have dispensed with a German translation of submitted texts written in English. In such instances the German section provides a short entry containing an abstract and points out that the full article is available only in the English section.

Contributions and short articles submitted after the initial launch of the online journal will be published as soon as they are available, together with their English translation, as is generally required.