Rodin Handbook


4.3.7 How can I export an Event-B Project?

Exporting a project is the operation by which you can construct automatically a “.zip" file containing the entire project. Such a file can be sent by email. Once received, an exported project can be imported (next section). It then becomes a project like the other ones which were created locally. In order to export a project, select it and then select on File $\rangle $ Export... from the menubar as indicated in Figure 4.2.

Figure 4.2: Export a Event-B Project

The Export wizard will pop up. In this window, select General $\rangle $ Archive File and click the Next $>$ button. Specify the path and name of the archive file into which you want to export your project and finally select Finish. This menu sequence (and the various options) is a part of the Eclipse platform. For more information, refer to the Eclipse documentation.